Tuesday, September 25

Last Post - New Format

All good things must come to an end and I can't thank Blogger enough. What a cool platform to launch and read about ideas. I started blogging out of a need to vent about the state of the music industry and politics and hundreds of posts and thousands of hits later, I'm feeling the need to move on to a format which expresses my worldview beyond the occasional wordy rant. That new media will be a recently launched Tumblr page and while much of the subject matter will stay the same, the posts will be shorter and more colorful with many more pictures and Mp3's. Instead of showing you what's up with one band on facebook, one on twitter, one on... I'll instead try to post pictures, videos and Mp3's from our growing number of musical projects (Ape Tit, Trevor C Jones, The Sessh, Frogs Gone Fishin') and even give some visual help, quotes and links when I'm talking about more obscure topics like politics or religion.

But most of all, thank you. Thank you for listening to and in this case reading about what I have to say as an artist. Which I've found out is a lot. I think conscious artistry is a gift in 2012. Lots of people keep their pulse on society or art or politics but ALL of it affects us. Our artistic place as Americans is in danger. The only thing that can help is more artists, doing what they love to do, but also making money at what they love to do. Again, we live in 2012 not 1968. Perceptions of art and what artists are worth have changed, and not with inflation let me divulge. So whether it's music on your computer, a blog, a song, a painting, a sculpture, small drawings in your checkbook or one of the most accessible forms of art and my personal favorite, poems, keep creating. It will keep you sane.

Especially if the Broncos don't do better this year.

-Trevor C Jones

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Chubby Checkers said...

Have enjoyed every post - thanks for sharing your internals with the external